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I give myself very good advice

but I very seldom follow it

24 June 1986
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I play a mean game of solitaire.

You never carried me like a princess...you carried me like a damn sack of potatoes!

1984, 80s pop music, alfred reed, avacados, bananas, band and its geeks, barefeet, bean teepees, being a nerd, being a swankasaurus rex, being warm, belle & sebastian, big bunny, bonfires, buried treasure, cadbury eggs, caffiene, canada, cheesecake, cold hands and feet, comic books, dandy warhols, deadwood, dipping things in guacamole, dispatch, easter egg hunts, electronica, fiddles, fingerpainting, fountain pens, french horn, fresh-cut grass smell, freshly laundered towels, full refrigerators, galoshes, garage sales, getting lost, goodwill, hummingbirds, irish accents, jack-o-lanterns, jarvis cocker, johan de meij, kite flying, late night record shops, lazy days, life, long bus rides, long haired violinists, long underwear, milo & otis--r.i.p, mittens, mud, museums, music, my five senses, my subaru--r.i.p, mythology, naked trees, new friends, new haircuts, new music, new order, new shoes, new underwear, not pizza schmizza, not writing papers, old book smell, old friends, old hippies, old school michael jackson, oregon, pbr, pen-pals, plato, portland, powell's, procrastination, puddle stompin', pulp, rainy nights, rib mountain, ride, rivers, road trips, rubber band balls, saturday market, second winds, sharp defined collarbones, showers, skipping rocks, snowmen, socks with birkenstocks, spelling errors in tattoos, spelunking, sprinklers, squirtguns, stocking caps, stoners, strangely colored eyes, string cheese, strobe lights, sunrises, sunsets, swingsets, taking pictures, tea, the desert, the ghetto blaster, the ocean, the phantom tollbooth, the sunday comics, the super-unstoppable green bic, the tillamook cheese factory, thrift stores, tide pools, tolkien, torn jeans, tropical fish, used record store clerks, video games, wafflestompers, wanda and garfield, water, wide open spaces, wine, winter, writing on the walls, yellow accordians, zelda