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I want to play hookie from my life for a month or two. Turn off my phone, Put all of my responsibilities on the shelf and forget about them for a bit, get in my "car" and leave Portland for a while. By myself. Go explore and adventure and make new friends and read books and listen to music and write and drink tea 2000 miles away from here. I think that would be nice.

I think I'm burning out on the new job already. It's so...not me. Wearing slacks and sitting at a desk and putting numbers in a computer for 9 hours a day. It's so unfulfilling. I feel like an impostor. And like I must really stick out like a sore thumb around these people. In a way, I almost find myself missing the blue collar atmosphere. Too bad I need the money to do the aforementioned hookie playing.

I plan on taking a class or two at PCC over the summer to kind of ease myself back into school. I think being around people my own age will help too.

Also I really want to smoke a bowl right now.
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