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Apparently I make a "mean caramel macchiato"...but that's only in the real world.

"Leaving our shoes behind
We cross the water
Our words flow
From mouth to mouth
Like fish seeking dark places
The mist covers our traces, covers our faces"

I've been remembering my dreams lately. Which is strange for me. I'll usually wake up and have a little scrap of a dream hanging on...just the feeling I got from the dream more than the dream itself...but I will have forgotten it within an hour. Only lately, my dreams have been vivid. Sometimes brief and just tiny snip-its, but still stick in my memory. And they're all I can think about all day. While I'm awake...I've been living in my dreams. It's much easier than trying to live in the real world.

"Your life collides with mine."

I'm sitting in a movie theatre. A dark movie theatre, but there's no movie playing. Just a black screen. And I'm the only person there. The seats are squashy and comfortable and I'm perfectly content. And waiting for someone. But I don't know who. The door at the back opens and someone walks down the aisle and sits down next to me. I turn and look at a boy with curly blond hair and smile. He smiles, and takes my hand. And I'm happy.

And that's all. He didn't have a name, not even in my mind. Not at the time anyway. He didn't say anything. He didn't really have any features besides his hair that stood out. But I woke up happy. I didn't know why, and didn't really question it.

"Will I forget your face, or your fluid gait?
Or will I stare into the stillness
This is where I miss you.

Cold wind rushes down on my face
Smoke heats the black throat of the chimney
The door is open
Come on inside..."
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