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I love you fiercely

I climbed a tree yesterday.
A very large tree.
At Gabriel all know the ones.

Those trees all over that place that have those branches that go all the way down to the ground.
The trees where you have to fight a way in to where the tree trunk is by pushing your way in through the curtain of pine needles and squeezing yourself between the limbs.
The soft kind of pine needles though.
Not the kind that poke you and are rather uncomfortable.
And every branch is smooth and you don't get any slivers or sap on your hands.
Then since it's such a huge fat tree, you climb and climb forever before you get to the point where you have to stop... which in this case is almost to the top (due to an abundance of said hefty branches) and you feel like you're on top of the world.
And no matter what direction you look when you get to the top, all you can see are the firey autumn trees covering every inch of the hills.
And of course, there just so happens to be a nice wide perfect branch at top, that's just for you.
And you sit.
And you get comfortable.
And you think.
And you love everything.

And nothing at all in the world could possibly go wrong, as long as you are there.
Where you are happy to just BE.

...yeah. that kind of tree.
You all know the one.

It's a good place to be.
One of the best in fact.

It's hard to come back down again.
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